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Driving the Digital Broadcasting Communications

NEC has the multi-level expertise to help you turn that transformational power into profitable reality. We have a long history of providing innovative studio and transmission solutions for the broadcast community. As one of the world leader in digital broadcasting technology, NEC offers the bottom-line business skills to support every step of your progressive migration from standard to high-definition TV systems.
The transformation from analog to digital broadcasting has been gathering momentum for years. In Japan, terrestrial digital broadcasting started in 2003. NEC has contributed to our customers and supplied over 50% of backbone systems.

Leveraging our years of experience in one of the world's most sophisticated communications environments, NEC is now providing digital broadcasting solutions to customers worldwide. Our digital broadcasting solutions cover the almost full range of broadcast equipment from TV transmitters to studio systems.

At NEC, we have over 80 years experience in radio transmission and over 50 years in TV. Today, more than 100 countries are successfully broadcasting with our TV transmitters,studio equipment and other technologies.

NEC's deep and broad-based expertise provides the firmest foundation for your transition from analog to digital broadcasting and from SD to HD. Your move into digital broadcasting will be swifter, smoother and more successful when you partner with NEC. Develop your individual solution with a global technology leader in IT, networking and broadcasting technologies.

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