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NEC Small Cells

Defining the future of RAN

NEC is a leader in the small cell market with a solid track record in the global provision of innovative in-building and outdoor solutions. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a wide range of compact, energy-efficient products, advanced services and end-to-end solutions for residential, business and public sites of all sizes in urban and rural areas that are easy to deploy in days instead of weeks. For example, NEC's advanced E-RAN with self-organizing network (SON) technology offers up to 10x the capacity of DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) as well as value-added services for enterprise applications that enhance the business environment and generate new sources of revenue. With NEC small cell solutions, you can achieve high capacity, low TCO, pinpoint coverage, interoperability with major network vendors and leading technology that paves the way for 5G.

Use Cases:

Always Connected & Covered Home

Creating a smart home with your private 5 bar mobile coverage

Make Your Enterprise Smart

Smart Enterprise solutions built on in-building mobile networks

Cloudization, Unified, Future Proof

RAN solutions designed for bridging today's mobile networks with tomorrow

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