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Small Cells Product

FP813, FPA1624

Product Description

FP813 small cell is a 'zero touch' consumer premises device for homes and small offices, which supports full HSDPA and HSUPA data rates whilst supporting up to 8 simultaneous calls.
FP813 is able to autonomously adapt to its RF environment to provide best coverage and incorporates an adaptive and distributed radio management function obtaining optimal local coverage.

FPA1624 Small Cell is an indoor base station for small to medium enterprises that supports HSPA+ data rates and up to 16 simultaneous calls.
FPA1624 supports inter-cell mobility allowing several FPA1624 devices to be installed at a single site to create a self organizing grid for 3G coverage.
FPA1624 offers a cost-efficient and speedy means of providing stable and reliable 3G coverage in an enterprise environment.

A picture of FP813 and FPA1624


  • Leading edge performance of CS and PS
  • SME grid enabling inter small cell handover
  • Dynamic load balancing in the grid
  • Full enterprise mobility in the grid
  • Cognitive enterprise radio resource management
  • Reduced core network signalling via AP-to-AP signalling and APMS based tables/LAC management

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