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Small Cells



NEC's simple but superior-performing Femtocell solutions for Residential, Small Office/Home Office(SOHO)/Small and Medium Enterprise(SME) can help you set up Coverage and Capacity simply and speedily and also remove headaches over call dropping or slow downloads.

In-Building Solutions & MEC

NEC's In-Building Small Cell solutions can help you cut costs by utilizing innovative multimode LTE, 3G on your internal phone network and also fully utilize your existing resources and expand your business prospects.

Flexible RAN based on virtualization

NEC offers a flexible RAN architecture by virtualization of RAN functions and virtualization of Cells. This enables efficient provisioning of computing resources for RAN functions and radio resources even if the number of connected devices, the volume of traffic, and required Quality of Service and Quality of Experience (QoS/QoE) vary widely by time and place.
NEC believes the flexible RAN architecture will help to deploy necessary functionalities and resources to fulfill a variety of requirements from many kinds of use cases in 5G era on demand.

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