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Small Cells Solution


Customers' Needs

Mobile operators are rolling out 3G/4G networks to provide national coverage, but there are some areas still suffering poor coverage and customers need good cellular network services. In addition, more and more customers are no longer using their home networks just for Internet and e-mail, and there is a growing need to add more applications to their digital home networks.

A picture of FP813 and FPA1624

NEC's Offer

NEC is the pioneer in femtocell business and the supplier of a number of largest femto deployments globally. Its superior-performing Femtocell solutions for Residential, Small Office/Home Office(SOHO)/Small and Medium Enterprise(SME) can remove headaches over call dropping or slow downloads inside the homes. Benefit from its plug-and-play feature, it is easy to install and can be deployed quickly. NEC’s femtocell also provide different customer-tailored presence and location aware value added services. For SME, NEC’s solution includes seamless deployment of several femtocells in buildings with optimised handover to form smart offices.

Customers' Benefits

  • 5 bar Mobile Coverage all the time
  • No additional costs for Femto setup
  • Better user experience
  • Location/presence based services


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