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NEC Smart Connectivity

Intelligence for networks

What networks need today

Barrier-breaking advances

Digitalization is rapidly progressing in areas as diverse as autonomous cars, infrastructure-monitoring drones, unmanned danger-zone construction equipment and AR remote guidance. What was previously only a pipe dream is fast becoming reality. However, one obstacle remains.

Advanced digital services require networks that transcend conventional thinking to support their practical use in the digital age.

Such networks must connect people and things that were never connected before, like sensors that predict when network components should be replaced so maintenance personnel can manage from afar.

Networks must withstand environmental influences and maintain uninterrupted transmission at all times, such as to continuously transmit road and tunnel data for autonomous driving systems or monitor people and things in offices and factories.

Finally, networks must transmit data in real time regardless of traffic load and other network conditions to prevent accidents, for example, when using unmanned construction equipment.

Connecting data that was never connected before opens up new service and business possibilities.

NEC Smart Connectivity reaches beyond conventional thinking to support such network performance and connectivity.

Changing Network Common Sense

With the spread of 5G and IoT, the volume of data flowing through networks continues to increase. It becomes more complex.

NEC therefore considered innovative data distribution.
The network itself possesses "intelligence" and assesses the other party or situation
All data is judiciously connected.
With technologies that connect everything from the seafloor to space,
Freely control the network.

Connect unconnected data to the world.
The door to new business is now open.

Leverage the business potential of data with NEC.

What are the requirements of networks that maximize the potential of data?

Networks must have the right physical lines. Depending on data traffic, location and cost requirements, LTE (4G) may be sufficient, 5G may be necessary, or energy-efficient LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) might be most convenient.

Controlling networks is also important. The best routes must be selected based on the lines available, network devices employed, and amount of data traffic to seamlessly link services and prevent communication delays.

Finally, networks must enable swift visualization of the data flowing through them in the right format. Obtaining useful data from social networks and call centers to plan products or enhance the user experience, for example, can be challenging in a world where data is growing exponentially and troublesome privacy and security issues arise.

NEC Smart Connectivity offers the comprehensive service and support required to meet these demands and handle these issues. This includes consultation and evaluation of your network environment, demonstration trials, implementation of the network and related services, operational support, monitoring and more – all based on decades of experience serving carriers and operators, vast expertise in the integration of information and communication technology, and proven know-how in IoT, AI and other leading digital technology.

Leap forward with NEC to create new services in the digital age.